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Rabu, 8 Jun 2011


We are born with two eyes in front of our faces, because we can not always look back. But look at all of that in the future, look at our future.

We are born with 2 ears on the right and left, so we can listen to it from two sides. To be able to gather praise and criticism and to choose what is right and which wrong.

We are born with brains in our skulls. So no matter any poor, we remain rich. Because there would be no one can steal our brains, our thoughts and our ideas. And what do you think your brain is far more valuable than gold and jewels.

We are born with two eyes and two ears, but we're just given a talk. Because the mouth is a very sharp weapon, the mouth can hurt, kill, can be tempting, and many other things that are not pleasant. So remember to talk as little as possible but see and hear as much as possible.

We are born only with a deep faith in ourselves. Reminds us of the appreciation and love of hope comes from our hearts the deepest. Learn to love and enjoy how much we loved but do not ever expect others to love us like we love him.

Give love without asking for a reply and we will find a love that is far more beautiful.

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